St. Augustine Grass

If you are into gardening, whether just for fun or because you really like it, then I'm sure that your goal is to have a garden where you can play and have fun. To accomplish that goal, you will be amazed if you choose St. Augustine grass, because St. Augustine grass is not a regular type of grass. It is a top notch grass that will certainly please you. Nevertheless, the maintenance process of this grass is not really easy. In this article we will cover several different ways of getting your garden to look gorgeous with a small effort.

To start with, a soil test is absolutely required. This is usually ignored by most people, but it is crucial that you do it, due to the fact that with no soil examination, you cannot be sure about what type of fertilizer you really need. If you work with the wrong fertilizer, chances are that your garden will get destroyed.

Second, you will need to be sure that you adjust your mower blade depending on the particular region where you raised the St. Augustine Grass. As an example, if your lawn is within a place in which the direct sun light is bright and shiny, you need to set your mower blade to a decrease position, due to the fact, when you cut the grass more often, the importance for a good root becomes noticeable.

Last, but not least, it's vital that you, or whoever cuts and maintains your grass, pay close attention to insects. There's a specific type of pest which has the capability of destroying your St. Augustine Grass.

Sadly, they don't do this on a small space. They will work on a massive area, which is a genuinely boring for those who always like to have a pretty lawn. The good news is, any sort of universal insecticide will certainly exterminate these kinds of insects, however, you must ensure that you eradicated all of them, since they replicate on their own really fast.